What Is Fabric Composition

What is Fabric Composition
linen: It is a kind of plant fiber, known as cool and noble fiber. It has good hygroscopicity and quick moisture release. It is not easy to produce static electricity and has large thermal conductivity. It quickly dissipates heat and wears cool. Sex is good.silk: Natural animal protein fiber, smooth, soft, and lustrous, with a feeling of warmth in ...

What Is Silk Fabric

What is silk fabric
People always think silk is just a kind of satin style. In fact, there are a lot more items other than satin charmeuse. Such as crepe de chine, georgette, double georgette and etc.No matter how many styles are there for silk fabrics, some common senses are uniform!The silk has great reputation of "fabric Queen", "healthy fiber", "health fiber". Sil...

What Is Silk Charmeuse Fabric

What is silk charmeuse fabric
What is silk charmeuse fabric? Silk charmeuse fabric is an all-silk, with weak twist on warp, strong twist on weft, weaving with satin weave structure, bright satin texture on the front, and double crepe on the reverse The silk fabric is thicker than the double crepe. The current commonly used silk charmeuse fabric specification is 14656, which is ...

What Is Silk Satin Fabric

What is Silk Satin Fabric
Silk Satin is a soft, luxurious, clingy fabric often used in eveningwear, bridal, lingerie, sleepwear, and sportswear (not activewear). Examples of garments commonly made with silk Satin are bias gowns, chemises, soft-cup bras, robes, blouses, and pajamas. It was used extensively in the 1920’s to create those sleek, body-hugging gowns that became a...